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A brief history.
🗑 Working titles:

Outrun took it's first steps in March 2019, back then it was a fuzzy little idea without a name 🐣. It was born from my dislike of games of chance, instead I wanted a contest where you can influence the result. As a designer by trade, I began to create the first drafts of how the app might look and started to plan how the logic could work. Shortly after I contacted a iOS developer I used to work with and he got to work. During the next 9 months, I learnt just how complex this simple little idea was to make a reality and began to understand why it had not been done yet 😅, but I love originality and a good challenge so I marched on. February 2020, I was ready to launch my MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and see if my idea was something people would use and thankfully it was 🎉. I collected the feedback and moved on to produce the app as it stands today, the forever unfinished masterpiece, Outrun.







We strive to outrun environmental issues by partnering with companies that can change the world 🌍

We plan to implement sponsored charity runs in the future, let's outrun climate change together.